I have ERC-1155 tokens I was airdropped in my Gnosis-Safe and I want to take them out as they do not show as collectibles. They do appear on the Opensea API but not in GNOSIS-Safe so I cannot interact with them.

Please can anyone help?

  • ERC-1155 tokens aren't supported yet, but it's in the short-term roadmap.
    – katspaugh
    Mar 11, 2022 at 15:44

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You should not do this unless you review the transfer code of the spam ERC-1155 contract. Just because it is named transfer, it does not mean the code will transfer the funds. The transfer function could do something nefarious - like approve the spending of your funds in addition to or instead of transferring the funds.


Assuming you have reviewed the contract and are confident the transfer function will perform what you expect, then...

You can submit a transaction to your gnosis safe to call transfer on the ERC-1155 contract to send them from your wallet to another. Here are some steps to follow: gnosis transaction buider guide

Also a youtube video:

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