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I want to only allow payments If the users in on the metamask Eth mainnet and not ropsten

So after they make a payment I can logged it in the database As paid,

But I don’t want to log it in the Database if the user has paid with Ropsten ,

So something like

Network = ethers Get network()
If (network === ropsten) { return }

If (network === mainnet){
Database. Log user with id 727!he3 

Because now the users can pay with Ropsten and I can’t tell this From The transaction receipt or when calling getsigner() ??? If it was ropsten or mainnet

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You can read the current network chain ID from metamask like this:

console.log(window.ethereum.networkVersion, 'window.ethereum.networkVersion');// that will be of type string

So your logic will look something like this:

network = window.ethereum.networkVersion 

if (network !== "1") {return;} else { Database. Log user with id 727!he3 Paid }

And these are the chain IDs for the most used ethereum networks:

  • Mainnet: 1
  • Kovan: 42
  • Ropsten: 3
  • Rinkeby: 4
  • Goerli: 5

If you are even going to different chains you cn find a list of the ids here.

More discussion about it can be found on this other question.

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