I carefully followed the ENS tutorial to register an .eth domain with the auction registrar. However, after pointing my resolver to my swarm content, I receive the following message from my swarm node when accessing the registered domain:

can't resolve: no contract code at given address

Now, because registering, auctioning and claiming a .eth domain is a process taking several days / weeks, I do not fully remember which steps lead me to this point. Unfortunately, my ~/.ethereum/history file is empty. Here is how I set up the public resolver:

publicResolver.setContent(namehash('5chdfgh.eth'), '0x4fd6994ac8251fc7c6c793d3481353d8757f7e5439f1373e58c3d0b5437fb578', {from: eth.accounts[0], gas: 100000})

The domain in question is 5chdfgh.eth and the content is accessible via bzz://4fd6994ac8251fc7c6c793d3481353d8757f7e5439f1373e58c3d0b5437fb578. Now my question, finally, is -- why can't this be resolved, which contract code is missing and at which address swarm is looking at exactly. I know I could simply start over again, but I am wondering whether it is possible to go backwards and find out what's wrong.

I think the first step is to find out which resolver is used. Is there any way to check this out?


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You are missing a resolver. On the console, I get:

> ens.resolver(namehash('5chdfgh.eth'))

So you need to do:

ens.setResolver(namehash('5chdfgh.eth'), publicResolver.address, {from: eth.accounts[0], gas: 100000});

more info: https://swarm-guide.readthedocs.io/en/latest/usage.html#setting-up-a-resolver

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