I want to call a function from another contract. Can I pass a string?

IUpgrade(upgradeAddress).wrap(label, wrappedOwner, _fuses, resolver);

label is a string. I read somewhere that you can't pass strings between contracts, but maybe that was only for an older version of solidity.

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I just tested it out on remix.ethereum and made a demo code below , and yes you can send string between contracts since contract functions are still functions :D

  • However the contract function parameter must have a string parameter to take in a string
    function foo(string memory content) public pure returns(string memory) {
            return content;
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    Thanks for the tip to just jump into Remix and try it.
    – nxt3d
    Mar 4, 2022 at 3:32

This is the code I used to test it in Remix.

pragma solidity ^0.8.4;

interface IName {

    function upgrade (string calldata name) external;


contract Storage {

    address public upgradeAddress;

    function setUpgradeAddress(address _upgradeAddress)
            upgradeAddress = _upgradeAddress;

    function upgrade(string calldata name) public {


contract UpgradeStorage is IName{

    string public name;
    function upgrade(string calldata _name) public override{
        name = _name;


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