I'm attempting to deploy my version of the example token contract to the testnet.

This is how far I get:

  • The code compiles
  • The contract doesn't complain pre-deloyment
  • I see the contract deployment process appear in the Latest Transactions panel

These are the issues I'm seeing:

  • The contract deployment process doesn't make any progress
  • After about 1-2 minutes, the contract disappears entirely
  • My account does not get charged for the deployment

Other info:

  • On the first attempt I sent 2 ETH to the contract, and it failed. Now if I attempt to send any ETH to a new contract I see "It seems this transaction will fail..."
  • Now only sending 0 ETH apart from the fee will remove that warning

I've got Ethereum Wallet v0.8.9 and Geth v1.5.8-stable

What am I doing wrong?

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