I bought ethereum from the presale. I have the json file but unfortunately forgot the password. Is there a way I can access the wallet?

  • So it may be possible to brute force the password depending on how bad it was and what you can remember. The ETH guys are not obliged to help you with this. However if the amount of money is large you may be able to find a whitehat who will help you.
    – N. McA.
    Commented May 4, 2017 at 10:43

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From the Ethereum presale message:

You are about to make an ether purchase. Please keep the attached wallet file safe. It will serve as a cryptographic receipt of your purchase, along with your password.

The password you created and entered on the sale site is the key to your ether so please do not forget it. And please note: there are no mechanisms in place that will enable the Ethereum team to help you recover a lost password. Once it is lost, your purchased ether will be permanently inaccessible.

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