I feel frustrated when I was reading the documentation of function returns. If function return multiple values. How to get the correct return from calling the function in frontend? When I see the response, it is an array like stuff, with the type that I define in side the function return.

I am using web3 & web-vitals npm package for my frontend. It will be nice if some examples can be provided. Thank you very much.

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Treat the returned value as objects. Check this web3js code. The called contract function returns multiple data as objects.

async function getSiteStats() {
    let rawResult = await contract.methods.getSiteStats().call();
    let retrieved = {
        totalInvested: web3.utils.fromWei(rawResult[0]), 
        totalDeposits: parseInt(rawResult[1]),
        contractBalance: web3.utils.fromWei(rawResult[2]),
        contractPercent: (parseInt(rawResult[3]) / _PERCENTS_DIVIDER*100)

    return retrieved;

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