I want to integrate a server side web server with a blockchain as a distributed database. What patterns are available to do so?

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After several days of research on the above components, I have finally been able to make it work. I want to share my researches so others can benefit and contribute. I profit of this message to thanks you all for the posts that has helped me understand the pieces.

My design was to have a server (Meteor) to server (Geth) communication and not a browser to geth communication as I consider Geth should be in the DMZ of the company and the application is intranet type so inside the company network.

  1. The architecture I have studied Development setup

  2. The initialisation of the web3 component Interaction diagram for the web3 initialisation on server side To be noted here that I still have a problem where the ethereum:web3 library does not recognize correctly the XMLHttpRequest and XHR2 libs and therefore had to tweek the ethereum_web3.js. Advise on how to fix this are welcome.

  3. The construction of a reactive subscription on a Contract to be used in web browser template Interaction diagram for all layers between the browser to Geth

I can comment further upon questions.

Good luck for all who are experimenting.

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