While working and deploying the FundMe.sol Patric Collins tutorial on FreeCodeCamp. I stumbled upon the following error generated while trying to publish the source when using FundMe.deploy({"from":account}, publish_source=True). The error generated in Brownie is as follow's: raise ValueError(f"API request failed with: {data['result']}") ValueError: API request failed with: []. If anyone knows a solution to this issue it would be a great help.

What I have already tried:

  • Running a test in order to debug.
  • Trying to remove SafeMath (After reading get_verification_info inside --pdb led me to remove it.)
  • Trying to verify the Rinkeby Etherscan API url via curl
  • Rechecking my .env
  • Trying to ask on Discord/Other Communities.
  • Checking Github Pages/Google/StackOverflow/Eth-Stackoverflow for a solution.

Here is the source-code for deploy.py:

def deploy_fund_me():
    # Getting the account.
    account = get_account()
    # Deploying Contract with publish_source=True
    fund_me = FundMe.deploy({"from":account}, publish_source=True)
    print(f"[Contract] Contract Deployed to {fund_me.address}")

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Alright! A Bit more Stumbling and I found a working solution. Turn's out I also need to add the following to brownie-config.yaml. Brownie does not automatically use Infura and we need to manually add it to the networks. After adding the below code and running deploy.py using, brownie run ./scripts/deploy.py --network rinkeby. The publishing is successful.

To fix the above error, Simply add the below code to your already existing (or create one) brownie-config.yaml, If you are working on other networks. Modify the below code accordingly. \

  - name: Ethereum
      - name: Rinkeby (Infura)
        chainid: 4
        id: rinkeby
        host: https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/$WEB3_INFURA_PROJECT_ID
        explorer: https://api-rinkeby.etherscan.io/api

Reference to the above solution can be found @ "Common Pitfalls" by Matnad


I use a .env file in my project folder with


then in the brownie-config.yaml all you have to do is add dotenv: .env and publish_source=True will work.

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