I'm trying to develop a smart contract which collect fees from other contracts.

I tried to do:

function sendFees() public {
    address payable feeCollector = payable(feeCollector addredd);

ad then I call the function like this:


But in ganache I didn’t see any balance change in feeCollector contract. In feeCollector contract there is this function:

receive() external payable {}

which, in theory, should receive all fees sent. I’m stuck and I can’t code anything else. Please help me.

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There is nothing wrong with your code as long as "feeCollector addredd" is replaced with the proper address. Maybe take another look at your setup?

  • You're right, Ganache has deployed the contract with feeCollector address 0x000... Thank you very much!
    – Bombo
    Commented Feb 20, 2022 at 10:35

Using transfer to send funds is discouraged and might cause problems in your case as the target is a smart contract (see https://consensys.net/diligence/blog/2019/09/stop-using-soliditys-transfer-now/).

Additionally it might be helpful if you share any errors that appear in the console (e.g. in the transaction receipts)

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