I'm trying to write a contract that inherits from the ERC-777 contract on OpenZeppelin. This contract has a constructor with the following signature:

    string memory name_,
    string memory symbol_,
    address[] memory defaultOperators_

In my inherited contract, I'm trying to write a constructor that takes no arguments and provide defaults for the inherited constructor. Here is what I tried:

contract MyCoin is ERC777 {
    constructor() ERC777("MyCoin", "MYC", []) {

But I receive the following error:

TypeError: Unable to deduce common type for array elements. --> contracts/MyCoin.sol:7:45: | 7 | constructor() ERC777("MyCoin", "MYC", []) { | ^^

Error HH600: Compilation failed

Is it possible to provide an empty array to the inherited constructor?

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I figured it out. The way to do this is:

constructor() ERC777("MyCoin", "MYC", new address[](0)) {

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