I am trying to create wrapper class for my smart contract using standard command

web3j truffle generate build\contracts\PKCoin.json -o src\main\java\ -p com.example.polygontestapp

but keep getting error

Unmatched arguments from index 2: 'build\contracts\PKCoin.json', '-o', 'src\main\java\', '-p', 'com.example.polygontestapp'
Did you mean: tests or truffle or solidity?

if i replace places for generate and truffle in command then i get another error

Missing required option '--truffle-json=<jsonFileLocation>'

so whatever i do i get some error, I am using web3j cli 1.4.1 version and web3j 4.8.9 version before that i was using version 3.6.0 and it worked fine but i had to update version, my platform is android EDIT: screenshot of my project structure in android studio: enter image description here

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ok syntax is changed and nowhere in the documentation is it stated,so the new sintax is

web3j generate truffle --truffle-json path/to/yourJson.json --outputDir path/where/to/generate -p com.example.dapp

so in my case it would be like this

web3j generate truffle  --truffle-json build\contracts\NFTMarketPlace.json --outputDir src\main\java\ -p com.example.polygontestapp

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