I'm a noob and trying to implement the balanceOf function in a solidity. The standard API is

function balanceOf (address account) public returns(uint256)

However, I suspect that it needs to read the balance from a mapping. But the mapping had not been defined. Does it need to? Would the correct way to do this be this below? Defining a mapping before the function.

 mapping(address => uint256) internal balances;

function balanceOf (address account) public returns(uint256){ 
    return balances[account];

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I'm assuming you're using EIP-20 as a reference in your implementation.


With that being said it's entirely up to you to define the logic for each function. I would agree that doing a mapping of each address to a balance is a sufficient approach to implementing balanceOf, in fact this is exactly how OpenZeppelin and ConsenSys have done it. Another approach would be to use Storage contracts as shown here.

I would also add that your balanceOf function does not change state of the contract and therefore have its visibility set to view.

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