Hello I'm working on ethereum project using truffle framework, I want to know what is the latest solidity compiler version supported by truffle.

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You may specify...

  • any solc-js version (using semver) listed at solc-bin. Specify the one you want and Truffle will get it for you.
  • "native" to use a natively compiled solc binary (you'll need to install this yourself, links to help below).
  • a dockerized solc tag from one of images published here.
  • a path to a locally available solc
  • "pragma" to have Truffle autodetect solc versions from your source files. This can be used to compile using multiple versions of solc.
  • a solc-js parser for faster docker and native compilations

Source: https://trufflesuite.com/docs/truffle/reference/configuration#solc


Any of them, but you need to change the config file for Truffle, Truffle-config.js. If you want to use 0.8.7, you must change (or add) the following

compilers: {
  solc: {
    version: "0.8.7"

next time you compile the contract, you will see that Truffle will use this version to compile the code.

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