I have the following code for a bnb transaction, which is working on metamask, but now on trust wallet

    window.addEventListener('load', async () => {
    if (window.ethereum) {
      window.web3 = new Web3(ethereum);
      try {
        await window.ethereum.enable();
      } catch (err) {
        $('#status').html('User denied account access', err)
    } else if (window.ethereum) {
  web3 = new Web3(window.ethereum);
} else {
  // Code for HttpProvider remains unchanged
await window.ethereum.send('eth_requestAccounts');

  const initPayButton = () => {
    $('#PayButton').click(() => {
      // paymentAddress is where funds will be send to
      const paymentAddress = 'MyWallet'
      const amountEth = 0.05*document.getElementById('Q1').value

        from: ethereum.selectedAddress,
        gas: gas,
        gasLimit: gasLimit,
        to: paymentAddress,
        value: web3.utils.toWei(String(amountEth), 'ether')
      }, (err, transactionId) => {
        if (err) {
          console.log('Payment failed', err)
          $('#status').html('Payment failed')
        } else {
          console.log('Payment successful', transactionId)
          $('#status').html('Payment successful')

Could someone help me to find why it is working on metamask but no on trust wallet?

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I found on web3js.

Try this

const web3 = new Web3(Web3.givenProvider || new Web3.providers.HttpProvider('http://localhost:8545'));



with your RPCurl like:


or you can use walletconnect

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