I'm using parity 1.5.2 dev chain.

./parity --chain chain.json ui

where chain.json is from default configuration

Test contract is:

pragma solidity ^0.4.9;

contract Test {
  event Ev(string key);

  mapping(string => string) mapp;

  function setMapping(string key, string val) {
    mapp[key] = val;

  function getMappingVal(string key) constant returns(string) {
    return mapp[key].val;


setMapping tx is immediately mined every time. But events aren't sent sometimes. And getMappingVal returns an empty string at the same time.

The same contract works fine for every tx, for example, with Ropsten chain (--testnet).

How to fix this behaviour in dev chain?

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The issue is not reproduced with Parity 1.5.4.

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