For example I have this transaction https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe76ff4f05f32f077098f671c362a32b0650a9d1d12aaa8069fa39e0726c1ecf4 which is pending because there are lower nonce transactions which were stuck. Is there a way to find out such information that the transaction is gonna pending due to another transaction? Etherscan API only tells me whether transaction is confirmed or not. Thanks in advance.

  • You can look at the sender's pending transactions in Etherscan https://etherscan.io/txsPending?a=0x5ae2519422b191155e9236382cbff1e2f55a1b82&m=hf. That particular address has 32 pending transaction, because it started sending transactions with nonce equal to 1, but nonces start from 0 for EOAs.
    – Ismael
    Feb 10, 2022 at 4:12

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Apparently we need an ethereum node to access to mempool, however we won't be able to get all pending transactions according to this link Get pending transactions to a given address/contract

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