I want to burn the token from a different contract, I know I would have to use an external burn function but can someone help me with some piece of code.

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    Feb 7 at 14:16

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You first create an interface of the ERC-20 contract and create an instance of it with the address of the token contract. You can then call the burn function on it.

interface IERC721{
    function burn(uint256);

contract BurnStuff {
    address _token;

    constructor(address token){
        _token = token;
    function burnToken(uint256 _tokenId) public {
  • Bro I wanted to know about ERC721 Feb 7 at 5:54
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    Sorry, by bad. But if you had taken a look at ERC721 contract, you'll know what to do here. You just need to change _amount to _tokenId.
    – pbsh
    Feb 7 at 7:48

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