When I make a RPC to geth running remotely, I cannot get the account list / balance of the account. It also says that the coinbase is not set. But as far as I know, isnt the coinbase supposed to be the first account created if coinbase is explicitly not defined ? If I use geth command line in the remote machine, the two accounts that I have created show up, while the RPC returns 0 accounts. What could be the issue?

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Create an account.

$ geth account new
Your new account is locked with a password. Please give a password. Do not forget this password.
Repeat Passphrase:
Address: {168bc315a2ee09042d83d7c5811b533620531f67}


Creates a new account and prints the address.

On the console, use:

personal.NewAccount() ... you will be prompted for a password ...





Try starting geth with explicit http flags. Note that exposing personal api to internet is not safe, and personal api is deprecated.

geth --http --http.api="eth,personal"

To start with all available apis (important: if you do this make sure your api is not accessible from internet)

geth --http --http.api="admin,debug,web3,eth,txpool,personal,ethash,miner,net"


May be it is a bit late to answer but for others if they need in future. I had a typo in --datadir and --networkid. Hope it helps!


Try to set etherbase first:

~ geth console --ropsten
> miner.setEtherbase('0x..........')
> eth.getBalance(eth.coinbase)

I faced the same issue and I was defining the wrong data directory. So if you are creating your own blockchain and facing this error, make sure you have specified the correct data directory.

sudo geth --snapshot=false  --mine --http --allow-insecure-unlock --http.corsdomain "*" --networkid 1999 --datadir /.ethereum/ console

This worked for me. Also, rpc is replaced with http.


It's maybe because coinbase wallet is not made.

In console



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