Earlier I deployed a contract with a MetaMask address 0xAAA, and got the contract address.

In a new instance of Remix, I have the exact same code source, and would like to retrieve the contract from another MetaMask address 0xBBB.

So I did:

  • I set Injected Web3, like I did earlier to deploy.
  • I got the same source code I used to deploy with 0xAAA, compiled.
  • I have my MetaMask set with address 0xBBB, but with the same network I used to deploy.
  • I added the contract address in the field: At Address, but the button stays greyed.

Do I miss something? My goal is to test my contract from the point of view of a regular user.

  • Looks like you're doing everything just right. Make sure that the contract address is in fact valid address. Also it happens to me sometimes that if I fill in the address first and then configure other things, it stays greyed out. Try to refill the address box again. Feb 2, 2022 at 15:41

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I simply fixed the problem by refreshing Remix tab in my browser.

Sometimes Remix doesn't work well after the computer wakes up from sleep.

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