I am trying to create a sell limit order with an 18 decimal ERC20 token as makerToken (makerAmount = 1.5) and a 6 decimal ERC20 token as takerToken (takerAmount 1.1). The order is created but remainingFillableTakerAmount returned from the API shows zero. I would have expected it to be equal to takerAmount. Doesn't seem to be a problem when both maker and taker token have 18 decimals. Is there some special logic that I should consider?

Thanks for your help in advance

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Do you definitely have the allowance on the makerToken set correctly? Can you post a fresh order in the question as text?


I found out that a missing allowance caused this problem. 0x seems to perform an allowance check on their end and if it's insufficient, remainingFillableTakerAmount is set to 0.

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