Function for buying NFT

function buy(address nftContract, uint256 itemId)
    uint256 price = idToMarketItem[itemId].price;
    uint256 tokenId = idToMarketItem[itemId].tokenId;
        msg.value >= price,
        "Please submit the asking price in order to complete the purchase"

    fandomToken(nftContract).transfer(msg.sender, tokenId, 1);
    idToMarketItem[itemId].owner = payable(msg.sender);
    idToMarketItem[itemId].sold = true;

Test case for the above code

describe('buy', async() => {
    it('buy functionality check ', async()=>{
        const nftContract = '0x8CdaF0CD259887258Bc13a92C0a6dA92698644C0'
        console.log("ACCOUNT 2",accounts[2])
        const result_nftContract = await contract_nFTMarket.buy(nftContract,1, {from: accounts[0],Value: 2000000000000000000})
        const eventMinted = await result_nftContract.logs[0].args
        // assert.equal(eventMinted.category,'video')
        // assert.equal(eventMinted.nftContract,contract_address)

but still, I am getting below error

**Error: Returned error: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert Please submit the asking price in order to complete the purchase -- Reason given: Please submit the asking price in order to complete the purchase. **

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    Caculate and check the price before calling the buyFunction, your price is less than the 2ETH Commented Jan 25, 2022 at 6:28

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I think error is here:

{from: accounts[0],Value: 2000000000000000000})

Value is capital letter. should be {value: 2000000000000000000})

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