When talking about NFTs, there is a core concept I'm not understanding that I hope someone can help me out with.

I can write and deploy smart contracts without a problem and I think I understand what's going on there. I understand the mint process and how to charge transaction fees to mint tokens from my contract.

What I don't know is how do people deploy smart contracts and then have 10,000 NFTs on Opensea. To do this, they'd have to mint those 10,000 tokens which would cost a fortune in gas fees so I assume they're not doing this.

So how is it that I can deploy a smart contract which has the capacity to mint 10,000 tokens and also have those viewable on platforms like Opensea?

Is there some tool, or process, or am I just not understanding how things work? Are people just using automation like Selenium to create those assets on Opensea and Opensea is then lazy minting?

Would love some help

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What you are looking for is called "lazy mining" and it is supported by some of large marketplaces including Opensea. By far the best explanation of it that I have found is on this website

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    I've read through this and other articles but what I'm still not getting is if the NFT isn't minted until a later point, how can it show up in an Opensea collection before being minted?
    – Chris
    Jan 24, 2022 at 23:17
  • Did you work this out @ChrisTurner, i'm trying to figure this out as well.
    – Raoot
    Mar 10, 2022 at 15:23

Here are two other sources of information about NFT Lazy Minting.

  1. OpenZeppelin. There's also a 45-minute video tutorial on minting NFTs. https://blog.openzeppelin.com/workshop-recap-building-an-nft-merkle-drop/

  2. Medium. "NFT Minting vs Lazy Minting. Minting explained. " https://medium.com/rarible-dao/nft-minting-vs-lazy-minting-mining-explained-4330dd57a4c4

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