I have uploaded one image and set the baseURL for that. https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmQGTQMWRxK33PF4fvnxanyz8aWPPaweYUZeNTVW4gqpQb

Now, I am going to upload more images with the same baseURL, but when I add a new image, it has different image.

How can I implement it?

  • "but when I add a new image, it has different image" do you mean different URI? Commented Jan 24, 2022 at 8:08

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Upload a folder with all the images and json files inside. The folder's URI is going to be your baseURI. You can also upload images in a different folder from json. But you should know that if you change the content of the folder, the folder URI is going to change too.

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