I created an ERC-20 token, tested it in truffle and remix, and deployed it to the Rinkeby testnet. I went to uniswap and connected my metamask (after verifying the contract on etherscan and adding my tokens to my wallet from the contract address). I got all the way to the part where you list your token on uniswap. I connected my metamask, made sure I had enough testnet ETH and when I click preview, it shows the price and when I click add I see a pop-up with a loading wheel saying "waiting for confirmation from your wallet" which only stays up for a split second before reverting to the preview window. This happens over and over. Any idea what's up? It's like my wallet won't receive the transaction even though it says its connected to uniswaps website.

Are there any other ways to deploy my ERC-20 token to a decentralized exchange?


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