I'm trying to send Tether USD to another wallet or exchange. I try to send to a Binance address (I have the same error with Coinbase address) but I receive this error: 0.00038 BNB (0,17 USD) may be required for the transaction. Please deposit more ETH. In my coinbase wallet I have 133$ in ETH so what is the problem? I don't understand. Can you help me please?

send my wallet


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You will need the cryptocurrency of the blockchain to pay the gasfee if you are on binance blockchain you will need BNB to pay the gas fee


Coinbase wallet may have some bugs if you are operating on testnets or L2 networks, for example, Arbitrum One network. I noticed that it tries to deduct fees from the L1 Ethereum mainnet even if I am doing transactions on Arbitrum, and returns an error of insufficient balance. If the problem persists without finding a solution or adjustment for this, consider using Metamask if there is an option.

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