I am using Quicknode and ether.js to monitor pending transactions using the following code:

provider.on("pending", async (tx) => {
  provider.getTransaction(tx).then(function (transaction) {

    if (transaction != null && transaction['data'].includes(myAddress)) {


I have also used transaction.from instead of checking the whole transaction data.

I can find plenty of pending transactions if I don't include myAddress. However, I seem to miss every single of my own pending transactions. I have read here that sometimes not all pending transactions are retrieved. In this case, I have tried retrieving my pending transaction half a dozen times and have never found it. Why can't I see my pending transactions??

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For anyone finding this thread in the future Apart from current maintenance this is the reason according to Quicknode customer support:

First, no provider is capable of seeing the ENTIRE mempool at all times. It's a p2p network and the mempool is not consistent across all endpoints at all times. There are even private mempools and peers that do not broadcast transactions on the network. [...] Also, we do not send transactions to the same node that you're listening to transactions on, which goes back to the whole not every node will see every possible pending transaction problem.

  • Hi, where did you find that info? Also, were you using Polygon testnet?
    – Téwa
    Commented Sep 29, 2022 at 21:46

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