I have a function xyz :

uint256 a;
uint256 b;
function xyz() internal view return(uint256,uint256){
return (a,b);

Now, I wish to use the first return value in another function (for eg):

uint256 c;
function abc() public {
c += xyz().0; // c += a is desired

What should be the correct syntax.

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In Solidity you can ignore one or all of the returned values by just not assigning them to the variables:

(uint a, ) = xyz();

The code above would only get the first returned value and ignore the second one.

(, uint b) = xyz();

This code would only get the second returned value.

uint256 c;
function abc() public {
 (uint a, ) = xyz();
 c += a;

This is how you would do it with your example.

  • Thanks, that seems like a very simple solution indeed. Jan 16, 2022 at 12:28

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