I am trying to make a python program that gets the ETH gas prices. I am trying to avoid selenium scraping because I am using this for a discord bot. Does anyone know any good python APIs I can use?

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Will these two gas APIs help you?


This approach might also work for you:



You can use w3.eth.fee_history with w3.eth.get_block().baseFeePerGas, to get estimates similar to a gas tracker.

# Pass block count, target block, target reward percentiles
# pass identifier

A simple example would be similar to one found in this walk through using javascript: https://docs.alchemy.com/docs/how-to-build-a-gas-fee-estimator-using-eip-1559

Here I have modified for python:

    def format_fee_history(result, include_pending):
      block_num = result.oldestBlock
      index = 0
      blocks = []
      pending_base_fee = result.baseFeePerGas.pop()
      while block_num < result.oldestBlock + len(result.reward):
            'number': block_num,
            'baseFeePerGas': result.baseFeePerGas[index],
            'gasUsedRatio': result.gasUsedRatio[index],
            'priorityFeePerGas': result.reward[index]
        block_num += 1
        index += 1
        if include_pending:
              'number': 'pending',
              'baseFeePerGas': pending_base_fee,
              'gasUsedRatio':  None,
              'priorityFeePerGas': []
      return blocks
    def fetch_estimates():
      fee_history = w3.eth.fee_history(20,'pending',[20,50,80])
      blocks = format_fee_history(fee_history, False)
      hi = list(map(lambda b: b['priorityFeePerGas'][2], blocks))
      mi = list(map(lambda b: b['priorityFeePerGas'][1], blocks))
      lo = list(map(lambda b: b['priorityFeePerGas'][0], blocks))
      estimates = []
      for items in [hi, mi, lo]:
        estimates.append(round(reduce(lambda a, v: a + v, items)/len(items)))
      return estimates
    if __name__ == '__main__':  
      base, high, medium, low = fetch_estimates()
      print('max :',w3.eth.max_priority_fee + base)
      print('high:',high + base)
      print('mid :',medium + base)
      print('low :',low + base)

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