I've seen most tokens use 18 decimals and USDC use 6 decimals. Is it possible for a token to have over 18?


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The maximum amount of token that a ERC-20 contract can mind (according to the specification) is the max of uint256, which is (2 ** 256)-1 ≈ 10 ** 77. And the decimal variable merely mentions the number of decimal places to be used while displaying the amount on a UI. Theoretically, you could use any decimal. As long as the decimal is less than 77, you'll have a whole number part (mantissa). For example, if you have 18 decimals, the max value you can have is (2 ** 256-1)/10 ** 18 ≈ 10 ** 59. Most ERC-20 tokens use 18 so as to stay comparable to other tokens in terms of supply.

  • Thank you. I'm working on alternative EVM blockchain and I noticed some tokens had 24 decimals. It was breaking my contracts so I'm updating them for >18 decimal support.
    – caker
    Commented Jan 14, 2022 at 18:55

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