The source code of this website doesn't show the contract address being interacted with when someone connects their Ethereum wallet to their site. Would like to check the underlying Solidity code of this website in order to audit it if it contains malicious code before connecting, since there are tokens and airdropped NFTs known to drain peoples' wallets using false transactions.


The closest lines of code for connecting wallet were from lines 337-349, which don't indicate a link to a smart contract:

            <div class="col">
                <div class="heading heading-5 mb-0"><i class="far fa-fw fa-circle alpha-3 mr-2"></i> Connect Wallet</div>

            <div class="col text-right">

                    <a href="/login/?next=/CryptoBatzWL/" class="btn btn-styled btn-sm btn-icon-left bg-success c-white btn-circle">Connect</a>

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