I've created my own struct:

 enum TestState {noWager, wagerMade, wagerAccepted}

And my modifier:

modifier onlyState(GameState expectedState){
    if(expectedState == currentState){ _;}

I'm wanting to allow a function to be carried out if it is either noWager or wagerMade state.

 function testWager() onlyState(GameState.noWager || GameState.wagerMade) payable returns(bool){....}

I am getting the error:

 || not compatible with types enum GameState and enum GameState

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Here's one way to do it:

pragma solidity ^0.4.2;

contract Test {
    enum GameState {noWager, wagerMade, wagerAccepted}

    GameState public currentState;

    modifier onlyState(GameState expectedState) {
        if (expectedState != currentState) {

    modifier onlyStates(GameState expectedState1, GameState expectedState2) {
        if (expectedState1 != currentState && expectedState2 != currentState) {

    function testWager() onlyStates(GameState.noWager, GameState.wagerMade) payable returns (bool) {


And the Browser Solidity screenshot showing the successful compilation:

enter image description here

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