I will try to clarify my questions with visual aid.

My Usual Import

The picure above is how I usually import contracts. For example, I import Both C and B contracts to A, even though B already imports C too.

Recently however, I figured out that a diffrent approach would resault with the same functionality (Picture below)

Works the same

It seems that because B had already imported C, it now containts its functionality. Thus I dont have to import both B and C to A, just the B contract will do (Picture below)

New approach

My question is this: What is the right approach, and what are benefits/downsides to each (if there are any). The picures here are simplifications. But in my real project I have dozen contracts, of which many import the other ones. So there is a lot of "import duplications" therefor this seemed like a prudent question to ask.


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Since solidity 0.8.x you can do

import { contractA } from "contract/path/1";
import { contractB } from "contract/path/2";

This will prevent the shadow import of contractB if it is also used in contracA

  • This code should be in which contract?
    – Sky
    Jan 12, 2022 at 14:19

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