I have a contract here: contract source code

It's a simple one that allows users to create new key:value mappings with bytes32 variables, as well as update the value of a key given that:

  1. the key is owned (was initially set by) the msg.sender
  2. the mapping is not empty (which I express by doing require(items[key] != 0)

However I get a transaction reverted when trying to update even with the user being the one who initially set the key:value and it being not empty. Could anyone tell me why? Thanks.

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In the reverted tx above you are calling setItem again which is failing due to probably trying to override a value that's already set. Check the transaction using the tenderly dashboard for more in-depth logs and easier debugging.

Apart from that, your contract works as intended (set value tx, change value tx)

  • Wow, how embarrassing... I need to do better to double check what's in front of me. Thank you for that and introducing me to Tenderly. Cheers.
    – oi_geeza
    Jan 11, 2022 at 19:55

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