Using Hardhat, I am trying to deploy a contract on my private chain which has no gas fees. When doing the deploy, hardhat throughs a "insufficient funds" error ... I would like to override the gasprice to 0 , but cant find where to do that.

I tried to add this to my hardhat.config.ts to my custom network object config:

gasPrice: 0,
gas: "auto",
gasMultiplier: 0,

but it didn't do the trick....

can someone please help on that ?
thanks in advance

  • I'd suggest asking the hardhat team
    – mikheevm
    Jan 11, 2022 at 21:03

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i've found the issue. it was actually coming from gnosis-safe where they have a system in place to have deterministic addresses for their smart contracts and they are using presigned transactions.

I just disabled the deterministic deployment option and it worked \o/

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