My smart contract holds a few WETH. I have this function in my contract:

    function getFunds(address tokenAddress) external onlyOwner{
        IERC20 token = IERC20(tokenAddress);
        uint balance = token.balanceOf(address(this)); 
        uint balanceOwner = token.balanceOf(owner);

        assert(token.transfer(owner, balance));

        assert(token.balanceOf(owner) == balanceOwner + balance);

I call getFunds with the correct WETH address and from the correct owner address.

But still, the tx reverts with 20% gas used, and I don't know why. What can be the reason?

I tested everything via hardhat and there it works.

EDIT: This is the way I call the contract in production via web3js:

        let myContract = new web3.eth.Contract(myContractAbi, CONTRACT_ADDRESS)
        const tx = myContract.methods.getFunds(WETH) //WETH constant with correct address 
        const data = tx.encodeABI()
        let currentGasPriceInWei = parseInt(await web3.eth.getGasPrice())
        const txData = {
          from: OWNER_ADDRESS,
          to: CONTRACT_ADDRESS,
          data: data,
          gasPrice: web3.utils.toBN(currentGasPriceInWei),
          gas: 35000  
  • Can you share a tx hash of the failing transaction. Also the address of WETH (there are multiple, but I would assume you use WETH9 and what network ;)
    – Richard
    Jan 10 at 16:07
  • Sorry, I just wrote WETH to simplify things, but actually its WFTM on the Fantom network. WFTM adrress is correct, I prefer to keep the tx private, but I can share tx details of course :)
    – flo
    Jan 10 at 16:10
  • So this one ftmscan.com/address/… ?
    – Richard
    Jan 10 at 16:13
  • Exactly, yes that is the address :)
    – flo
    Jan 10 at 16:16
  • Are you sure about the gas parameter? Looking at fmtscan I can see wfmt transfers that take quite some more gas, so I would probably try setting this to 100k just to test it.
    – Richard
    Jan 10 at 16:17


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