I have deployed a contract for my custom ERC20 token. I am trying to send tokens using web3.py

contract.functions.transfer(address, 20000000000000000000).call()

Above code is giving error raise ContractLogicError('execution reverted') web3.exceptions.ContractLogicError: execution reverted

Same is the error for transferFrom() function. But it works totally fine with Remix IDE and metamask

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The issue is that you're using .call() method which is meant to be used when you only want to read the blockchain. If you want to write on the blockchain ( and usually transfer method means you want to transfer particular amount from one wallet to another which is basically writing on the blockchain ) then you have to use the .transact() method. In your case you need to change the code to:

contract.functions.transfer(address, 20000000000000000000).transact({"from": <YOUR_ADDRESS>})

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