When trying to run the test at 6:29:30 in the FreeCodeCamp tutorial with Patrick Collins, I get a brownie.exceptions.VirtualMachineError: revert when it tries to call my Lottery.getEntranceFee function. The issue has to do with the way it calls the price feed contract - simpler functions which just return numbers work fine, but when it needs to call ethUsdPriceFeed, it falls over with the uninformative VirtualMachineError: revert.

Output from failed test

I'm running this on mainnet-fork-dev as set up using the tutorial instructions, but it also doesn't work on mainnet-fork. It must be some problem with my local fork, but I don't know how to diagnose the issue, nor how to reset and start again.

Test script is:

from brownie import Lottery, accounts, network, config
from web3 import Web3

def test_get_entrance_fee():
    account = accounts[0]
    print(f"active network is {network.show_active()}")
    lottery = Lottery.deploy(
        {"from": account},

    assert lottery.getVerySimplePrice().return_value > 0
    assert lottery.getSimplePrice().return_value > 0
    # assert lottery.getEntranceFee() > Web3.toWei(0.019, "ether")
    # assert lottery.getEntranceFee() < Web3.toWei(0.022, "ether")

Lottery.sol looks like:

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

pragma solidity ^0.6.6;

import "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.6/interfaces/AggregatorV3Interface.sol";

contract Lottery {
    address payable[] public players;
    uint256 public usdEntryFee;
    uint256 internal uint256adjustedPrice;
    AggregatorV3Interface internal ethUsdPriceFeed;

    constructor(address _priceFeedAddress) public {
        usdEntryFee = 50 * (10**18); //"get everything in wei"
        ethUsdPriceFeed = AggregatorV3Interface(_priceFeedAddress);

    function enter() public payable {
        //$50 minimum


    function getVerySimplePrice() public returns (uint256) {
        uint256 price = 10;
        return 10;

    function getSimplePrice() public returns (uint256) {
        (, int256 price, , , ) = ethUsdPriceFeed.latestRoundData();
        uint256adjustedPrice = uint256(price);

        return uint256adjustedPrice;

    function getEntranceFee() public returns (uint256) {
        (, int256 price, , , ) = ethUsdPriceFeed.latestRoundData();
        uint256adjustedPrice = uint256(price) * 10**10; //"18 decimals" apparently but then why 10?

        uint256 costToEnter = (usdEntryFee * 10**18) / uint256adjustedPrice;
        return costToEnter;

    function startLottery() public {}

    function endLottery() public {}

brownie-config.yaml looks like

  - smartcontractkit/chainlink-brownie-contracts@1.1.1
      - '@chainlink=smartcontractkit/chainlink-brownie-contracts@1.1.1'
    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'
    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'
    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'


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