I noticed that a lot of code is reused between smart contracts,so are there any template erc747 or erc20 contracts that we could use delegate call on to avoid unnecessary usage of storage. I think it would be worth it despite the complications using delegate call would lead to and could make deploying smart contracts more accessible for small devs.

EDIT: For example instead of importing the commonly used ownable.sol contract and wasting storage/money,can't we just deploy it only once on the network and access it from other smart contracts that don't have the ownable.sol code (I know this is a bad example since ownable is a very short contract but I think for most erc20 tokens there are like at least 200 identical lines of code)

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yes there are, dapp.tools and openzeppelin being the most battle tested and reused

  • Can you please give me some example where this is used I didn't find any (just to be sure we are talking about the same thing,I know that openzeppelin has a list of commonly used contracts, for example ownable.sol,but I was meaning instead of wasting storage and money by importing everytime ownable.sol can't we just deploy it only once on the network and have every contract plugging into it somehow. Commented Jan 3, 2022 at 19:08

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