I currently have an Ethereum Mainnet Gnosis Safe (1.1.1). I am looking for help to see if it is possible to use the CLI to re-create the same Gnosis Safe on Polygon to recover funds sent there by mistake.

I tried the following tutorial but it only works for safe version 1.3+: https://www.loom.com/share/ca34aabcd62747fb9fb89bd463b4c741

Can someone direct me to a guide or provide instructions on how to do this? Ideal end result: I can successfully deploy a Gnosis Safe on Polygon with the same address, so that I can go in through the Gnosis webapp (using an owner wallet) and access the funds that were previously sent to this address in error.


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The Safe team provides a guide on this: https://help.gnosis-safe.io/en/articles/5267779-i-sent-assets-to-a-safe-address-on-the-wrong-network-any-chance-to-recover

As @mikheevm mentioned it depends how your Safe was created. I would recommend following the help center article and reaching out to the Safe team on their discord if you require further help, as this depends on your specific setup.

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