Facing a slight issue with my Oracle.sol that I deployed for my Naas node. whenever its fulfilling the request back to the contract, it throws this error. I deployed the contract using "@chainlink/contracts/src/v0.6/Oracle.sol" . any idea why an invalid request id may be occurring ?

Would really appreciate any insight. I am using Solidity V 0.8.7

This is the error My Oracle.sol throws when its returning the response (fulfilling request)


Error i'm getting

I checked my Consumer contract that makes the call to the Oracle and it seems to match the requestId that's used when my Oracle.sol and Node try to fulfill the response

My consumer Logs :


Consumer logs

And finally, The logs from my Oracle.sol :

https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0x5c1722a8b0ebb58dfa4e409745c528af4a1dbefc25338a028567837b43cd934c enter image description here

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I was getting the same error. I had to make sure i had set up the right contract address in job description, and I was sending it to right address:

contractAddress = "0x5633061EAFE5C3C2c059F1119bFE206cB8F952AB"

submit_tx [type="ethtx" to="0x5633061EAFE5C3C2c059F1119bFE206cB8F952AB" data="$(encode_tx)"]

  • seems to be matching already
    – 0xD1x0n
    Jan 2 at 20:26

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