Ethereum is just one network out of many?

Where can I get a list of blockchain networks (ethereum, bitcoin, ripple, Stellar)?

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Blockchains are often categorized by the consensus algorithm they use, therefore it is worth taking a look at Blockchain Consensus Encyclopedia. The site contains numerous blockchain projects that are listed in each consensus algorithm's "Used in" section.

You can get a broad idea from this picture:


  • PoW chains:
    • Bitcoin
    • Litecoin
    • Ethereum
  • PoS chains:
    • Ethereum 2
    • Tezos
  • PoH chains:
    • Solana
  • DAGs:
    • Iota


If you are looking for Ethereum compatible chains only, visit https://chainlist.org/


The best sources I know that covers all blockchain would be cryptocurrency prices websites like coingecko. Most EVM compatible chains can be found here

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