I have installed web3.js

npm install web3

my App.js

import React , {Component} from "react";
import web3 from "web3";
import detectEthereumProvider from '@metamask/detect-provider'  
import KryptoBird from "../abis/KryptoBird.json";

class App extends Component {

    render () {
        return (
                <h1>NFT MarketPlace </h1>

export default App;

but when I run

npm start 

I am getting below error [error after running react server][1]

If I comment on the import statement of web3 in the App.js file it works fine. I am having node version 16.

Any help will be appreciated !!! Thanks in Advance

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This is related to webpack setting.

if you are using create-react-app, I posted an answer here:


If you are using webpack, here is related answer:



It's because you are using the new version of Webpack, I've fixed the problem with the poly-fill, you can see the complete implementation here :



For any one facing this issue. Just updating the web3.js version should resolve the issue. As you can check here: https://github.com/web3/web3.js/issues/5031 this issue had been resolved. And in case you are still facing it, you can reopen the related issue at GitHub.


Web3 and Create-react-app If you are using create-react-app version >=5 you may run into issues building. This is because NodeJS polyfills are not included in the latest version of create-react-app.

Refer the Solution in the Below link


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