I wanted to start a blockchain on my computer. For this, I am using Eris. I activated different accounts like root, validator, and participant account using eris chains start <ChainName> --init-dir <DIR> --publish this created different accounts on different ports on my machine. But now I have no idea how to connect them so that the chain is running and creating blocks. I thought of using eris chains ls -a to get the mapped ports but then what next?

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To connect the chains, you need to fill in the seeds field in the config.toml file. That field takes a string and the format of the field should be: seedIP1:seedPort1,seedIP2:seedPort2. So if you had three validators running on standard ports with the IPs of, and 333.333.333.333 then your seeds field would look like this:

seeds = ",,333.333.333.333:46656"

One gotcha is to not have spaces within the string field.

  • I had one more doubt on starting a chain. It is mentioned on the Monax website Chain deploying documentation that we copy config.toml file from default to chain folder cp ../default/config.toml . The problem here is the default folder is empty. The folder gets created if it is not present when I use 'make' a chain. So in place of config.toml from the default should I use config.toml from one of the accounts folder?
    – 11t
    Commented Feb 2, 2017 at 11:04
  • Yes indeed they will all be the same. Commented Feb 6, 2017 at 13:01

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