I query the api for bsc


I am looking for pancakeswap so I filter for source = "PancakeSwap_V2", I get a path which is impossible

My result path = dai -> busd -> epik

Sometimes I get path: peggedEth->epik->busd and something similar but never the real path, when the path should be busd -> wbnb -> epik

Am I doing something wrong?

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By looking for PancakeSwap do you mean you want your order to be exclusively routed through PancakeSwap?

Currently we don't have a way to filter by includedSources except in the case of RFQ liquidity. However, the above request at the current time of writing routes through MultiHop, so if you include the param excludedSources=MultiHop it will exclude this source and give you the next best possible pricing (exclusively via PancakeSwap V2 at the time of writing).

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