About the data in Ethereum block header, there is the State root from the World state trie. However this World state trie contain the whole Accounts states (EOA + CA). In a block, we have transactions which affects the Accounts states.

So with this informations, one question persist : The State root we find in each block header, is from the World state before transactions, or after ? So a new World State is it updated in real time, and the State root in block header is the result of the whole transactions ? Or the State root have always 1 turn lagging?

Thanks in advance for the support.


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The state root saved in a block is the result after processing all the transaction in the block.

From Yellow Paper section 4.3 "The Block"

stateRoot: The Keccak 256-bit hash of the root node of the state trie, after all transactions are executed and finalisations applied; formally Hr.

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