basically I have this ABI for a contract


I'm wondering if it's possible to fetch the value from _DATA and if it is, how would one achieve that?

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The "internalType" is the representation used by solidity.

For example the contract

contract B {
    struct View {
        uint x;
    function foo(View memory bad) public view {

Will produce the following ABI

        "inputs": [
                "components": [
                        "internalType": "uint256",
                        "name": "x",
                        "type": "uint256"
                "internalType": "struct B.View",
                "name": "bad",
                "type": "tuple"
        "name": "foo",
        "outputs": [],
        "stateMutability": "view",
        "type": "function"

The "type" says it is a tuple, but the "internalType" indicates it is a struct B.View.

The internal type is useful for debugging, but it is not required for the contract to encode/decode parameters.

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