I want to watch the blockchain for new contracts created from some given account. I’ve got an Ethereum node with RPC enabled.

I think, it should be something like this:

  1. Call eth_newBlockFilter() and get a filter id.
  2. Using this filter id, periodically check eth_getFilterChanges(filterId) to obtain new block hashes.
  3. For each block hash do eth_getBlockByHash(blockHash, true).
  4. Check if any transactions from the previous call are made from the given account. For the matching transactions do eth_getTransactionReceipt(txHash).
  5. If contractAddress is not null, it contains a contract address I’m looking for.
  6. When I don’t need to watch for new contracts anymore, I call eth_uninstallFilter(filterId).

The question is: could I do it in an easier way, with less RPC requests and computations, or not? Any suggestions?

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I've tried to get to that better solution you're seeking because INFURA doesn't support eth_newBlockFilter() no more.

In the end I had to settle with the public Augur node to deploy my contracts.

TL;DR I couldn't find a different solution to validate contract deployment.

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