I am playing with a query that does the job (not optimized yet), but I need some formatting in the sender column.

This is what I need:

  1. Get rid of the initial '\' returned as sender
  2. Append a 0 on sender

Here is the Dune Dashboard query I used:

WITH logs as (
    SELECT txs.from AS sender, COUNT(txs.from) AS num_transactions
    FROM xDai.Logs as xlogs, xDai.Transactions as txs
    WHERE xlogs.contract_address = CONCAT('\x', substring('{{contract}}' from 3))::bytea -- STAGE
    AND xlogs.tx_hash = txs.hash
    GROUP BY txs.from
    LIMIT 100

FROM logs
ORDER BY num_transactions DESC

I tried with (and similar):

SELECT CONCAT('0', substring(txs.from from 1)) AS sender

Currently it returns:


I want:


Any idea how to do it? Thanks a lot!!

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Try REPLACE(sender, '\x', '0x') as sender0x or something along these lines

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