from brownie import Lottery, accounts, config, network
from web3 import Web3

def test_get_entrance_fee():
    account = accounts[0]
    lottery = Lottery.deploy(
        {"from": account},
    assert lottery.getEntranceFee() > Web3.toWei(0.012, "ether")
    assert lottery.getEntranceFee() < Web3.toWei(0.015, "ether")
  • Trying to test if my contract is getting the correct entrance fee. Contract compiled without errors. It seems the error is in the test function but i cant find it. Brownie config as follows: dependencies: - smartcontractkit/[email protected] compiler: solc: remappings: - "@chainlink=smartcontractkit/[email protected]" networks: eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'
    – PinkyZane
    Dec 13, 2021 at 10:12
  • test summary info: FAILED tests/test_lottery.py::test_get_entrance_fee - KeyError: 'eth_usd_price_feed'
    – PinkyZane
    Dec 13, 2021 at 10:14

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I think the error is in your brownie config file. The networks: branch should look something like this:

    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'
    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'
    eth_usd_price_feed: '0x5f4eC3Df9cbd43714FE2740f5E3616155c5b8419'

i.e. there should be a network name in between networks and eth-usd-price-feed

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